It’s About Time…

“The meaning of life is to find your gift.

The purpose of life is to give it away.”

~Pablo Picasso

The Plan

I love and hate this quote in equal measure. I keep thinking it was Buddha who said it, or the Dalai Lama. Maybe it makes me think it’s more legit that way, or maybe I just have a shit memory (let’s be serious, it’s the latter not the former).

I love this quote because I think it’s inherently true. I hate it because it’s very easy to say something like that (especially at the end of your career when you know you’ve nailed it), it’s not so easy to do. It’s akin to the old adage that “you can be anything you want to be”. Yes, I guess that’s true too. For some. If you happen to know what you want to be. If you have the talent to be that thing, or the motivation and drive to make it happen for yourself. What if you only have one of those things? What if you have talent and no ambition? What if you are all motivated but have no talent? I guess when you’re young, you believe anything of yourself. And that’s a really good things sometimes. Unless you don’t happen to know what you want to be when you grow up. Or you do, and you have no idea how to get there.

I’m 48 years old now. My birthday was last month. I heard Howard Stern say it’s the ‘back nine’ portion of your life. For the most part, I’m ok with it. I still recognize myself in the mirror. All my parts still work – mostly. But I am more keenly aware of time. That I’m in the final part of the game. Before, time wasn’t much of a thing for me. It definitely is now. I am much more aware of how long things take – of how tolerant I am of things that waste my time. I feel the pinch more, the pressure of time running out.

I can’t say what’s worse… knowing what you wanted to be your whole life and not doing it; or never knowing what you want to be. For me, from the very start, I wanted to be a screenplay writer. A “movie writer” I would call it when I was young. It’s been a shiny carrot dangling in front of me my entire life. And I’ve grabbed for it a few times, not with fervor or sincerity, but like I had all the time in the world. In 2020, with the world going to hell in a handbasket, I have never been more intune with that time is precious and fleeting – and there’s no time like the present.

Soooooo, during quarantine, I started to list and outline the screenplays that have been kicking around in my head these many years. Last month, I realized that I had 21 solid stories. Complete screenplays from start to finish, waiting for the page. 21 scripts in the year 2021. This blog will be my journey – to see if you can really be whatever you want to be. If the meaning of my life, is this gift I think I have.

I’d love it if you joined me. Maybe for fun, maybe for inspiration. Maybe as a challenge for yourself to see if you’ve got something inside you that you want to say or share – while you have the time. It’s the start of something, or the end of it. Let’s see what happens.

Janeen Damiano Sara has freelanced in film & video production for years, as well as, owned and operated an award winning cupcake shop, full-time family manager and screenplay writer enthusiast.