I can’t get no sleep

There is a rap song called no sleep by Sway Feat. KSI & Tigger Da Author & Tubes. I don’t know who the hell any of those artists are, but the lyrics from their song speaks to me.

“I went to the mountains. Fell in love with the peace. But no matter how hard I try, I just can’t get no sleep.”

As a mother, my brain never seems to turn off. Even though my kids are teenagers, and they behave pretty good (other than the normal teenage assholiness). Once I had children, I can never fully disengage from my thoughts. I’m always somehow at the ready. I totally get why writers like Jane Austen and the Bronte sisters, could write such masterpieces. They had no children! Not that I’m in any way comparing myself to those guys. I think I’ve got skills but not on that level!

I am at the finish line of the script I was working on last week. I know the whole plot and have finally worked out all the characters. But every time I sit down to finish, there is some kid related chore to be done. I think they have an alarm attached to all my seats, including the toilet! But I am back at it today and determined to finish the rough draft. Let’s see if I do it!

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