Long time coming…

Soooooo… these last few months have been insane. Like eyes closed, head down, barreling against the wind craziness. Well actually, I kinda feel like the last 20 years have been like that. I am now the proud owner of two fully fledged adults. I’ve moved one off to college (again), and the other, is finally graduated and ready to fly the coop as well. In this whirlwind of finals and apartments and chaos, my few minutes to write has been replaced with Netflix. But these last two weeks, I’ve tried to reset and shift gears. I’m looking forward to this new phase of life with more enthusiasm than I probably should admit. It’s been so long since I have felt like my time is my own. It’s been so long since I’ve felt like there isn’t this crushing weight of expectations. I keep thinking there’s something I should be doing, someone I should be checking homework for. Can it really be that my days are my own again??!! I hope so. Next Tuesday I start writing with a partner on a script I think is pretty good. Something that might actually be, well…something. My head is high, my shoulders are squared and I take a step into the chapter.

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